Insurance Company Campus

Insurance Company Campus

Complex Campus Project

This project was a completely new integrated security system for an insurance company campus that was going through a major addition and remodeling project.  The project, installed in 2007 and 2008, included access control, IP video system, and intercom for the existing building, the new buildings and the parking garages.

The installations were phased to correlate with the campus construction and remodeling.  In phase one, the new buildings were built and the systems installed in these new buildings.  Once these buildings were completed, phase two consisted of remodeling the the existing building and the systems were replaced with devices to connect to the new systems installed in phase one.  Planning the system design and installation required taking these factors into account to ensure that the existing building on the campus would remain secure during construction and that the new devices added would connect to the newly installed head end.

Team Effort

I assembled a multidisciplinary team from the leadership, sales, engineering and operations groups to ensure that the project was designed and installed to meet the customer’s requirements.  Throughout the project, site visits were coordinated with the customer contacts and the General Contractor.  As with any project of this size, changes were required in order to maintain integrity of the system or because of construction issues.  Having the team in place allowed us to make the changes quickly and without disrupting the project timeline.

Long Term Design

With any large investment, the focus is on long term returns.  This customer is still using the system and has been able to update it with new features as they become available without the need to replace the entire system.